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Labour relations in Serbia

Labour relations in Serbia

Employment may be established with a person who is in good general health, who is over 15 years of age and who meets the criteria for the position established in relevant enactment of the employer.

As for the foreigner, work permits are required for foreigners employed in Serbia and are issued with a validity of 3 to 12 months. An application for a work permit is submitted in person or by mail to the Labor market office in Belgrade. The average time for obtaining the work permit is two days. Work permit can be renewed without obstacles and the procedure is identical with the first application.
Steps for obtaining a work permit
1. A residence permit issued by the Ministry of Foreign affairs
2. An application by the company
3. An application by the individual
4. A work permit issued by the Labour Market office

Employment types
A labor contract may be granted for both, definite and indefinite period of time. A labor contract for a definite period of time may be signed for specific circumstances such as seasonal jobs, specific projects etc. Contract for definite period of time may last no longer than one year.
The labor contract may be concluded for a part-time work, for definite or indefinite period of time. The employee is entitled to social insurance and to all the rights stemming from the employment contract in proportion to the time spent at work.
An employer may sign a contract with a person for temporarily and periodical work related to his line of business. This contract can be longer than 120 days in one year. A person with whom this contract has been made is entitled to pension, disability and health insurance. An employee can also conclude a special service contract to perform jobs outside the line of business of his employer and with the aim of independent execution of particular physical labor or intellectual work.

Working hours/overtime/leave
The working week has 40 working hours. A Book of Rules signed between the employer and employee may conclude a reduction in the number of working hours which cannot be lower than 36h per week. In the case of sudden increase in the scope of work and in other cases imposing the need for completion of unplanned work within a specific time limit employees can work overtime, no more than four hours a day, and at most eight hours per week.
For each calendar year, an employee has the right to at least 20 working days of annual leave for a period to be determined by general act or contract of employment.

Hope this will assist you a little bit more.

official source: digest of SIEPA various guidelines